Earthquake in Manabí, Ecuador: Warning for possible internet fraud

Earthquake in Manabí, Ecuador: Warning for possible internet fraud

CEDIA CSIRT wants to warn users to be aware of possible fake e-mails asking for help to the victims of the earthquake that hit the coastal line of Ecuador on the 16th of April.

This kind of e-mails may have malicious files attached or links to sites that have or phishing (a kind of internet fraud) with the intention of stealing your data, information or money.

When this kind of events happen, it is also common that e-mails or websites are created to ask for donations for fraudulent charity organizations.

CSIRT CEDIA recommends the following actions to be taken as safety measures:

– DO NOT CLICK on links or attached files coming from unknown sources and even if the sander is known, it is always better to type the web address on your browser or to search for the organization’s webpage on your web browser if you which to  make a donation.

–  Be very careful with links or attached files from known people as they may have been infected as well.

– Compare, search and validate any information you may receive. Do not trust on things you receive by e-mail even if they “look official”.

– Do not give sensitive information away, such as credit card or log in, to anyone.
If you wish to make donations, please refer to official websites or those who are approved and recognized by the Ecuadorian Government, such as the ones listed at CEDIA CSIRT webpage:

If you receive any suspicious e-mail containing links or files that look malicious, please send us the e-mail as an attached  file to or call us at +593 9 9924 6504


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